SaulMillerThe Saul Miller Awards are a sub-category of Writing Awards. These awards highlight writing related to some of the key activities of unions: organizing, collective bargaining, and political action. The awards honor the late Saul Miller, a director of the AFL-CIO Department of Information, and a founder of ILCA.

The 2014 Saul Miller Award for Collective Bargaining by a Local Union goes to UFCW Local 400’s Mark Federici for his piece Members Mobilize for Tough Giant-Safeway Contract Fight.

Judges comments: “A good preview of a contract fight. The article makes it clear what union workers are up against and what they may need to do about it. It spells out industry trends (including nonunion competition and what other UFCW locals have run into negotiating with the same chains in other parts of the country), the impact of Obamacare; and the role of income inequality. It also highlights key worker issues: scheduling and insufficient hours, health-care costs, and holding the line on wages. The writing is not as tight as it could be, but the article includes valuable web resources for more up-to-date information locally and nationally.”

Click here to read Members Mobilize for Tough Giant-Safeway Contract Fight.