SaulMillerThe Saul Miller Awards are a sub-category of Writing Awards. These awards highlight writing related to some of the key activities of unions: organizing, collective bargaining, and political action. The awards honor the late Saul Miller, a director of the AFL-CIO Department of Information, and a founder of ILCA.

The 2014 Saul Miller Award for Collective Bargaining by a State or Central Labor Body Union goes to Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation’s Steve Share for his piece SEIU Local 26 janitors, security officers vote to authorize strike.

Judges comments: “A solid news story — especially before the jump. It crisply details the issues both bargaining units face, highlights those issues with well-chosen quotes, demonstrates that this is a community — not just a union — campaign, and puts the building workers’ wages and benefits in the context of the compensation that CEOs who work in the same buildings receive. It would be stronger if the parade of quotes toward the end were replaced by more details on how much bargaining has taken place before the strike authorization vote and a clearer sense of the union’s timetable for acting on the strike authorization.”

Click here to read SEIU Local 26 janitors, security officers vote to authorize strike.