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2017 ILCA Labor Media Award Winners

Max Steinbock Award

The Max Steinbock Award is given in recognition of an outstanding journalistic writing effort that explores an issue of concern to working families, with particular sensitivity and insight into the human spirit.

The award is named for a much-respected past ILCA president. Topics can range from human rights issues to individuals’ acts of courage or conscience, economic justice initiatives to community service activities, or commentary about the American labor

2017 Max Steinbock Winner

Veteran’s Healthcare in Crosshairs of Privatization Forces
Read the story that earned Roberta Wood of People’s World the highest honor in ILCA Labor Media Awards.

Saul Miller Awards

The Saul Miller Awards are a sub-category of Writing Awards. These awards highlight writing related to some of the key activities of unions: organizing, collective bargaining and political action. The awards honor the late Saul Miller, a director of the AFL-CIO Department of Information and a founder of ILCA.

2017 Saul Miller First Place Awards for Collective Bargaining

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Strike Ends in “Tremendous Victory” – C.J. Atkins

31 Days that Changed Our Lives – Tim Welch

2017 Saul Miller First Place Awards for Organizing

Yale Graduate Teachers Petition NLRB for Union Recognition – Joelle Fishman

One Membership Card at a Time – Darryl McGrath

2017 Saul Miller First Place Awards for Political Action

Chicago Teachers’ Strike Puts Focus on Rauner, State Budget Crisis – Teresa Albano

Coalition Fights Anti-Union Plan – Robert Buscemi


You can view the full list of 2017 ILCA Labor Media Award Winners here.