We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to announce that ILCA is now podcasting. Untangle your earbuds and tune your 21st-century radio to our podcast, featuring interviews with award-winning labor communicators.

Our first guest is John Perkinson, ILCA Executive Council member and winner of the 2018 Max Steinbock Award. Perkinson authored Flying Heroes: ALPA Pilots Deliver Aid to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico. This piece combined insightful reporting on a timely, life-or-death issue with dramatic photography, epitomizing the best of labor storytelling. Hear the backstory of this compelling report and more insights in Perkinson’s interview with ILCA President Lisa Martin.

Perkinson has been an Air Line Pilots Association writer for more than 20 years. He produces his award-winning work at the union’s office in the Washington, D.C., area.

Find our podcasts on PodBean, iTunes, and Google Play Music. Stay tuned for more episodes coming in the summer.