Our union has faced many threats over the years. From anti-union employers to anti-union legislation, we have fought for the rights of our members and working families throughout the state. This year we face another threat in the form of (bill number).

This is a corporate servitude law designed to take away your freedom to negotiate wages and working conditions by destroying unions. Simply put, this legislation says workers can benefit from a union contract and not have to pay union dues. In states that have passed these corporate servitude laws, most workers end up not paying dues, defunding the unions that represent them. Once union contracts are eliminated employers no longer have to negotiate with workers. The wages, benefits and workplace protections previously guaranteed by your contract will be ignored.

If you think this can’t happen in our state, take a look at states where these corporate servitude laws have already passed. The average worker in states with corporate servitude laws make $1,540 a year less; are less likely to have job-based health insurance; and have a 36 percent higher rate of workplace deaths. Is that really what we want for our state? Our legislators just got elected and re-elected on the promise of creating jobs and improving our economy. How will taking away workers’ freedoms create jobs?

Once employers start cutting your wages how long will it be before you lose vacation time, sick time and healthcare for your family? Other employers will quickly follow suit to remain competitive, eliminating your freedom to go somewhere else for work.

Many people assume the workplace laws our union fought for and won years ago cannot be changed. This corporate servitude law is the first step on the road to changing all of those laws. Once they change, who will have the power to set things right?

It’s time to stand up and tell our elected representatives that they are there to protect workers’ freedoms. If we want to create jobs that pay a living wage and improve our economy we cannot bow down before corporations and we must not give in to their corporate servitude law. Help protect the freedoms of all workers in our state. Contact your legislators today and urge them to vote no on (bill number).