Are Facebook and Twitter just secondary websites for your organization? Or are you using social media to engage your members?

While posting information that directs members to your website is important, perhaps more important are posts that engage or respond to members.

Want to poll your members? Use Facebook’s Polling App.

Remember. It’s called “social” media and people want to socialize. Ask your members questions to get their input on issues. Their comments will help generate conversation and demonstrate you value their opinion.

Members are more likely to ask a question or raise a concern on your social media site than via email or phone. These questions will be publicly viewable by everyone and how you respond can be a make or break moment for you. Members often show their appreciation for quick responses by commenting and that’s the best kind of endorsement your organization can receive.

Don’t forget to be proactive on issues by posting helpful information on critical issues.

Two-way communication is the key to a successful social media site.