Call this ILCA’s version of a pandemic pivot.

There was a mix-up with an electronic form, a piece of postal mail, and an advertisement destined for the 2021 commemorative journal. Due to an abnormality in these abnormal times, the ad didn’t arrive before the virtual convention was held and the journal was published last week.

Pivoting to a different medium, ILCA hereby features a most wholesome piece of sponsored content. Use your imagination to place this ad in the journal.

Now use your eyes to view all the sponsorships and ads members placed in the journal. ILCA sincerely thanks you for your investment and display of support for our collective mission.

Gold sponsor
LIUNA – inside front cover

Silver sponsors
ILA – page 20
CWA Local 1180 – p. 24

Display advertisers
ALPA – p. 16
CSEA Local 1000 – p. 26
IAM – p. 8
IATSE – p. 10
IBEW Local 1245 – p. 30
PTE Local 17 – p. 32
SAG-AFTRA – p. 2
SIU – p. 32
St Louis Labor Tribune – p. 26
Teamsters Local 237 – this blog post
UFCW Local 400 – p. 28
UMWA – p. 34
Union Plus – p. 22
UUP – p. 28