UCS Graphics Services

The UCS Graphics Service is a monthly download or print offering adding up to thirty to forty top-quality, union-oriented art and graphics tools.

You can use the art in their service once or a dozen times, this week or five years from now. This isn’t clip art from a commercial publisher who doesn’t know a grievance from a golf club: Every piece in the UCS service is especially drawn for a union audience.

Local unions across the U.S. and Canada use this thoughtful and comprehensive packet to help them better communicate with their members and the public alike.

Each month’s packet includes…

Enjoy material by some of North America’s best labor artists, including:

Annual subscription Price: $275.00

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Using Art for Mobilization

Do you understand the difference between libel and slander? Fair Use and Copyright? Parody and Satire? Labor artist Mike Konopacki has put together this booklet to explaining the differences in a fun and informative manner that will encourage your organization to use art for mobilization in a legal way.

Art for Mobilization 2014