Vine Videos and How You Can Use Them

Vine videos are a great way to share breaking news, take your followers where they can’t go, and promote yourself in fun and creative six-second videos.

Video can take up a huge amount of space and depending on your member’s internet speed a long video could take a long time to be viewed. We are living in a world of instant access and using a Vine video to get your message out can help you be successful.

Here are some tips to help you use Vines successfully for your organization.

Use hashtags.

Be sure to include a hashtag for your organization (#ILCA) and possibly one for what’s in the video (#6secondrally)

Promote Events

Let’s face it, all of our members can’t be at every event, but posting a Vine of your event will engage them and make them feel a part of what your organization is doing. Rallies, actions and speakers all make for great Vines.

Call to Action

An image with a voice over is an easy Vine to create and give your members a call to action, like a shot of your state capitol and you saying “Call your legislators about the worker’s rights bill today.” #WorkersRightsBill and a link to the action page on your website.