Share timely news

If you want to be read and retweeted while keywords and hashtags are searched and shared, then you need to be trendy. You know what’s happening in your world. When you see that others are tweeting about something your organization cares about, note what hashtags they’re using and use them in your own timely tweets.

Share useful information

Have a special event coming up for your organization? A rally, lobby day or door knocking event? Tweet about it and add a hashtag to the tweet so non-followers searching the tag would see your tweet and can share it on.

Tell followers what to do

If people are following you need to tell people whether they should click a link or watch a video. Don’t assume people will click a link. Always include an action verb.

Remember pictures are worth 1,000 words

Pictures and/or videos make a difference if you want people to spend more time on your content. Pictures and video carry more influence than simple text or links. Include a picture of your members and give them a shout out in the tweet.

Share your passion

Rallying for an issue? Share it on Twitter with a picture and a hashtag. Need people to call their legislators? Tweet a link to the action page on your website. Promote the issues you care about.

Be strategic with your hashtags

Replacing “The Koch Brothers” with “#KochBros” will save you 8 characters and gain you viewers and followers. Take a look at other hashtags people are using and use the same ones to promote your issues. The hashtag is your friend but don’t overdo it. Keep it to two hashtags per tweet.

Retweet others who tweet about you

You shouldn’t retweet everyone who mentions you but doing it now and again will demonstrate a connection with your members.

Thank your followers

Dig into your followers and occasionally thank people especially those assisting your organization.

Go behind the scenes

Tweeting a photo of your staff working on an issue will show members how hard you are working for them. A simple photo of a staff meeting with a quick description and a hashtag for the current issue can carry a lot of weight with members.

Keep it simple

Keeping your tweets to 120 characters will give your followers the needed space for retweeting your message. Shaving 20 characters off the tweet could make or break getting your message out to a wider audience.